Professional Development
Ensuring students are prepared for 21st Century Learning and beyond through fully implementing CA Common Core Standards and the integration of technology throughout instruction Central Union School District and all four-school sites combine efforts to provide professional development, which revolves around this focus, for grades transitional kindergarten through eighth. Teachers within the District align classroom curriculum to ensure that all students either meet or exceed State proficiency levels.

The writing and implementation of Central Union School District's curriculum is an ongoing process, designed to meet the needs in the areas of instructional improvement and implementation of Common Core Standards and instructional materials. Teachers and administrators at each school site serve on curriculum committees. The committees review standards and frameworks, 21st Century skills, and district assessments. These educators give input on staff development needs, analyze assessment data, and select textbooks and supplementary teaching materials based on the state standards.

As part of the growth process, opportunities for training and staff development are provided at both the District and individual school site levels. These workshops include effective teaching strategies, classroom management and technology. In addition to the teaching staff, instructional aides also receive training in assisting students in the area of reading, conflict management, and technology. Ongoing staff development occurs throughout the year.

During the 2014-15 school year, teachers and administrators will participate in intensive training on Common Core ELA and Math through the district’s utilization of expert consultants. These are being provided as 10 full day trainings in the district’s Presentation Center. Trainings provide the opportunity for teachers to discuss the quality of instruction and strategies improving classroom practices in implementing Common Core Standards. During the process, teachers will work collaboratively as grade level teams to develop CCSS aligned units, focusing on content, pacing, and instructional strategies.

Central Union Elementary School District will continue to make a strong commitment to providing guidance for all staff in an effort to develop an instructional program that fosters creativity, academic excellence, and student achievement.

Professional Development Training

Illuminate Training
My Math TK-8 Training
My Favorite Place
I Want to Learn
Observation Chart

Text Book Adoptions

Annual Professional Development Training

New Teacher Training - Each year new teachers to the district receive training reviewing curriculum, practices and procedures, and information on the various departments throughout the district. In addition, all new teachers are provided with a support provider to assist them throughout the year.  

Instructional Aides Training – This Fall, Instructional Aides were provided with three training opportunities. Day 1 was an overview of Common Core, the new assessments and strategies for supporting instruction in the classroom. On Day 2, technology training was provided. Behavioral Supports training, including strategies for supporting students behavioral on the playground and other settings, was offered on Day 3.

Reading Mastery - Reading Mastery is the supplemental reading program used throughout the district. New teachers and instructional aides in grades TK-Kindergarten through second receive training in Reading Mastery at the beginning of the school year. Additional coaching is provided throughout the school year upon request for newly hired staff members.  

CELDT Training - Students in transitional kindergarten through grade twelve whose home language is not English are required by law to take an English Skills test. In California, the test is called California English Language Development Test (CELDT). School districts must administer the CELDT for initial identification to all enrolling students who have a primary language other than English listed on their Home Language Survey (HLS) and for whom there is no record of English-language proficiency assessment results in California. School districts also are required to administer the CELDT annually to previously identified English learners until they are reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). Central Union School District sends assistant principals and staff members to a yearly training on administration of this test.

First Aid/ CPR Training - Each year all coaches and physical education teachers are provided first aid and CPR training. In addition, depending on site needs addition teachers and aides also receive First Aid/CPR Training. Office staffs at each school site, specialty instructional aides and yard supervisors receive training per job description.

Project ALERT - Central Union School District is committed to providing the most effective approaches to preventing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in our schools and communities. Junior High Science Teachers provide instruction using Project ALERT curriculum. Project ALERT is a nationally recognized, middle grade, substance abuse program that gives students insight, understanding and actual skills for resisting substance abuse. Project ALERT successfully addresses tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and inhalants, the substances teens are most likely to use.

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