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Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown
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I am from the San Francisco bay area.  I received my bachelors degree and my teaching credential from San Francisco State University.  I have a masters in Education with an emphasis in math and science from Fresno Pacific University.  I have been teaching in the Central Union Elementary School District since 1981. I currently teach third grade at Stratford School.  

We have an amazing school, with wonderful students, parents, and staff.  I expect each child in my class to give me 100%.  Our curriculum is standards based.  We use state adopted text book series and I include a lot of hands on activities to help ensure understanding.  

We have a lot to learn in third grade and we all need to work hard.  I will always do my best to help every student reach their full potential and appreciate the help I get from my parents.  

Class Rules:  Class rules in my class are very simple.  We have Mrs. Brown's 4 B's
1 Be a good listener
2 Be kind to everyone
3 Be safe
4 Be the best student you can be

Homework:  A homework packet goes home every Monday.  In the packet is each night's homework and that week's spelling list.  The homework is to be returned daily. The students are to do each night's homework along with studying their multiplication tables and spelling words.  They will also have a reading assignment that is written out daily on their book mark.  Homework and reading assignments are only given Monday through Thursday nights.

Currently, instruction in my classroom is driven by the California State Standards, but soon we will make the transition to the Common Core Standards.
These standards can be found at