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Mrs. Stone

K-8th Grade STEM Teacher





Science Degree, CSU Fresno Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Chapman University

STEM  is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. (
Behavior and Responsibility
All students are expected to come to class prepared to learn.  This includes having a pen or pencil and a school assigned ipad.  All students shall show respect for others, respect for property and respect for themselves.  If a student is late to class, they must have a written excuse. 

Laboratory and Experiments
Students will be performing laboratory experiments.  Lab experiments are critical for students to engage in the learning process.  It is critical that students act responsibly, safely and follow all instructions when performing experiments.  If a student acts irresponsibly or unsafely when performing an experiment, the student may be removed from the experimentation process and will be given an alternative assignment. If a student’s behavior endangers other students, equipment or keeps other students from learning, the student will be given an alternative assignment and will not be allowed to engage in any further experimental labs for the rest of the year.
Students will be given the opportunity to use technology in STEM class. Each student will be issued an IPad by the School District.  Each student will also be given a school email account. The use of technology also comes with more student responsibility.  Use of technology will be required in class.  Students must use their  School District assigned IPad appropriately and with care.  Any student that misuses an IPad, whether by mishandling of the equipment or accessing inappropriate programs or internet sites will no longer be able to use an IPad.  This will greatly impair a student’s ability to participate in classroom assignments.

All current student assignments will be available on Showbie.  Showbie is an effective app for assignments and feedback in the classroom.  Students may also use School District Google Apps.  Student may access School District Google Apps at: This website is also available under Student Links on the District and School site web page.  

Any student that chooses not to follow classroom rules and responsibilities may receive a referral. Referral information is listed in the student handbook.   All referrals will be sent to the principal for appropriate action.
Contact Information
Mrs. Wendy Stone
STEM K-8th grades
Central Elementary School
Phone: 924-7797
Stratford Elementary School
Phone: 925-2605

Curriculum and State Standards

Current California Common Core State Standards for each grade level can be found at, under the Curriculum & Instruction tab.